The old scarf holder — shower curtain rings on a hanger. As much as I love the simplicity and the idea of this scarf hanger, I hated finding the balance when adding or removing scarves from the rings. I also didn’t like the rings sliding up and down the hanger, and I didn’t know how to keep the rings in place. I needed a new way to hold my ever-expanding collection of scarves.

Ta-da! An unused pant hanger is the perfect solution for a new scarf hanger. Five holes — fives organized scarves. Perfect! And just look at the beautiful balance. I can easily find a certain scarf and pull it through. I love it!

My second scarf hanger — yes, a little unbalanced with two scarves. I guess this means I should buy a few more to balance it, right? Sounds pretty logical to me. The hanger may be a little unbalanced but at least I’m not dealing with sliding rings.

Does anyone else have this issue with the command hook thingys? I used a couple of them inside my closet to hang a few belts and bras, but two of them just peeled off the wall, taking the paint. Now, Charlie won’t let me hang any more command strip hook thingys.

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