I can’t remember when I completed the first pillowcase project, where I made a ton of matching pillowcases because I like to change my pillowcases out more than the average person. At the time, I was very pleased with my work whenever I stopped to admire my handiwork. However, my enthusiasm slowly disappeared over the year and into the present because I could never keep the matching pillowcases together once they were stripped from the pillows. I have several tall laundry baskets strategically placed around the apartment, making it so much easier for me to toss Charlie’s discarded clothes into the nearest hamper, but I never haul all the laundry baskets at once to the laundromat. So imagine my frustration when I find one pillowcase clean and the matching one dirty.

I picked out a simple pattern in three different colors — dark red, purple, and dark brown. I wanted something pretty and simple because I knew Charlie would wrinkle his nose at anything too girly and too many flowers.

With the billion of pillowcases I made, I somehow could never manage to find two sets of matching pillowcases (we have four pillows for the bed and two for the futon in the living room). After months of researching DIY pillowcases, I finally decided to start a second pillowcase project. My research involved different pillowcase designs and sewing methods. I was ready to try something different and a little more complicated. I had a vision — a beautiful vision. This time around, I set out to pick out just ONE pattern for the main body and then use different accent fabric and secondary fabric. My idea: the pillowcases would match but yet be a little different with the accent and contrasting fabrics. Mixing and matching are no longer issues.

My sweet Clara wants in on craft time with me. I found a nice modern contrasting fabric that compliments the main body of the pillowcase, and white bias tape serves as the accent.

Quick question: Can anyone else spend an hour wandering around a fabric store? Am I the only one who slowly and meticulously wanders around all the different sections? Is this why the Hancock and Jo-Ann fabric stores added scrapbooking, beading, and other crafty sections? I’m not complaining of the new additions because I love finding everything I need in one store. This is why I love Hobby Lobby so much. The Hancock store in my area is pretty awesome. I love heading to the back of the store to browse through the clearance section because I can find some really good deals. Nice light blue thermal tote. I snagged it for $3 — or was it $7? Either way, I thought it was a steal. My new favorite toe bag — $3.50.

This is the second pillowcase I sewed with three different fabrics — the first pillowcase to receive my squee of approval (translation: I successfully sewed the new case together without errors).

OK, back to my story about my new pillowcases. I picked a simple but lovely pattern for the main body of the pillowcase in dark brown. Then I found the same pattern in two different other colors — dark red and purple. The little wheels in my mind started turning — would I be OK with different colored pillowcases that had the same pattern? I think so. I’ve always loved anything colorful. The idea of having different colored pillowcases on the bed made me smile with glee. The hard part was picking contrasting fabric — something pretty and different but something that sort of matched the main fabric. Hmmmmmm.

Look! Look! Look! I made that! Doesn’t my pillowcase look lovely? I love it. I’m so proud of myself.

After picking all of the necessary fabrics and reviewing different tutorials, I was ready. Hello, sewing machine. Let me get this out of the way: I’m not your normal seamstress (is that a politically correct term these days?). I don’t like to iron seams or whatever I should iron. I don’t wash the fabrics first — although that may bite me in the butt some day. But until that day comes, I’m saving my quarters until the sewing project is finished. I’m not a professional or even an expert. I’m just a girl who likes to sew and figure stuff out. Oh, I don’t like using patterns either. I like having a plan, which is completely different.

Anyway, the first run-through wasn’t a rave success but it wasn’t a complete loss. I just needed a few weeks to think about a solution and complete a few pillowcases with amazing success. I’m absolutely in love with the project and very pleased with myself. I absolutely love love love love seeing the different colored pillowcases on the bed. Also, Charlie loves the new pillowcases. I think he’s kind of surprised at my amazing sewing skills — I don’t think he knew I could sew something so fancy. By the way, I’m blogging this on my fancy new laptop — which I love and adore — will snuggled in the depths of my flannel sheets and warm comforter. I live such a good life.

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