Some things are better left undone and unsaid. That sounds like a very wise quote from some very wise person. My “I can do that” attitude gets me into trouble every now and then with the array of craft projects that pique my interest. Because my time and money is somewhat limited, I’ve chosen to stick to just a few hobbies — scrapbooking, crocheting, and sewing. But every now and then, I like to try a new project. For example, redecorating a reusable tote into something so much cuter. I absolutely love love love my owl tote and carried it everywhere I went. It’s being used for holding some craft supplies right now, but I still love it.

Isn’t my tote pretty? I love it!

In a previous post, I admitted sewing the stupid thing wasn’t the easiest. I had to be careful. I broke several sewing needles on my mom’s sewing machine. I broke a couple of sewing needles on my sewing machine. I learned a few lessons. But in the end, I love it — and I still do. Despite the difficulties and few choice swear words, I wanted to turn all of my reusable totes into pretty little totes. Yes, I’m stupid. See! This is my point — why can’t I just be satisfied that I accomplished ONE cute tote? Why do I have the desire to redecorate ALL of my totes? Why? Why can’t I just quit? Why do I want to soldier on with more? Argh!

I think this would’ve been a really pretty tote, but nope, I mucked it up and refuse to fix it.

After a very very unsuccessful attempt at prettying up a second tote, I declared myself a quitter.  I had four super ugly totes to redecorate and two fell victim in the poor concept design stage. Well, at least I only spend $2 in total on the four totes. Anyway, yup, I’m a quitter. I was careful but not careful enough on the third ugly black tote. I sewed one side of the tote with success, but unfortunately, I was not so lucky with the second side. In the midst of sewing, I ended up sewing bits and pieces of the tote together. Too furious, I just quit. I didn’t want to fix it — quitting was much easier. Even before sewing the darn thing, I carefully reviewed several other different plans to make this DIY pretty tote a simple project with less swear words and more squeals of joy and happiness. But the plan I chose wasn’t easy.

The finer things in my life: my favorite tote and my favorite laptop together.

For weeks — weeks! — I declared myself a quitter. The DIY pretty tote wasn’t an easy project that could be done with ease. I was completely fine with this mentality until I bought my new favorite polka dot tote. A quick casual glance at the construction sparked the stupid wheels in my mind. Now that the wheels are turning, I want to tackle the DIY pretty tote project. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just quit and let this go? Why!?! If the new method is a success, you bet your sweet butt that I was post the results and maybe — just maybe — a tutorial. But first, I need to find an ugly tote that needs a makeover.

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