SUCK IT, 2012

OK, honestly, I have nothing against 2012. I started the year with a low, wandered around a bit, but I eventually found my happy place. As far as my New Year’s resolution, I think I bit off more than I could chew. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I thought I could complete 50 projects in 2012. I had good intentions but that’s about it. When thinking about my 2013 resolution, I took a quick glance at my past resolutions and realized I pretty much gave up on my 2010, 2011, and 2012 resolutions. I had focus in 2009, trying to read 25 books in one year. I was very close to success in 2009, but at least I had focus and drive. For the past three years, my drive and focus were lost and defeat and laziness just took over.

Awwww, remember this scarf I crocheted years and years ago for the 2008 Resolution? I miss crocheting. My sewing machine has been hogging my time and focus lately.

For 2013, I will try something new each month. I haven’t decided what the new challenges will be, but I will try something new. Maybe I will try eating squid or something totally unheard of. I know I want to try to refashion one of Charlie’s work shirts into a cute work shirt for me. I also want to find a cute and easy way to pretty up my ugly totes. And one of Charlie’s old work shirts WILL BE turned into a skirt for me. Right now, I’m on a big sewing kick because I really admire some women who have a vision for refashioning ugly or big clothes into something cute. One woman blogs about finding cute or ugly clothes for $1 at a thrift store and then refashioning the item into something amazing. I want that sort of vision and talent. My talent is finding something in my size and price range.

Reading other women’s web sites or blog just inspires me and turns the wheels in my mind. But I also need drive and focus in order to be successful. Even though I say, “I quit,” whenever a project gets a little too tough or irritating, the wheels continue to turn, looking for another way or temporarily tucking away the project. One day, I want to post a “before” picture of a clothing item, refashion the item into something awesome, and then post an “after” photo. I’m not looking to become a fashion designer — I just want to refashion a few clothes item into something great.

Goodbye, shoes that I rarely wore in 2011. However, I remember wearing the red pair of shoes a lot one year. I loved I could slip them off and on with ease.

Anyway, back to my 2013 resolutions. Avoiding cheese for one month would be something new for me because I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese. If I dropped cheese from my diet, I would probably lose 20 pounds. However, I would be really unhappy and cranky — I’m just guessing. Maybe I should try dropping cheese for a week. I’m pretty sure I could avoid chocolate for a month — maybe six months. I can’t really fail this resolution, can I? As soon as I try something new a couple times during the year and blog about it, the 2013 resolution is a success! I like this New Year’s resolution already! I’m ready for 2013!

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