Um, sorry? Did I mention I’m easily distracted with shiny objects? I really have no good excuse. “Oh, you were probably shopping for all of your beautiful and perfect little nieces and nephews.” Um, no. I whipped up their gifts in a couple of hours on my computer. In the beginning of December, I had really good intentions but then laziness and other priorities took over. “Oh, well work must be really busy for you now.” True. However, my late hours were not the reason for not blogging. “Well, I’m sure you had some good reason for not sharing your amazingly awesome life with us.” Mmmmm, my life is good, but I wouldn’t say amazing. Or awesome. No, I can call my life awesome.

So, what’s coming up for me in 2013? A whole bunch of medical appointments. Woot. At the end of January, I will spend the night at the hospital for a very, very long overdue sleep study. I’ve been snoring so loudly lately that Charlie has no guilt kicking me to the futon in the middle night. Even with the bedroom door closed, Charlie has experienced several sleepless night thanks to my night noises. Although I don’t mind sleeping on the futon, the second bed becomes so much smaller when I have to share it with a tubby cat who has been kicked out of the main bedroom. I love my cats so much that I don’t have the heart to move them in the middle of the night when I need to shift or turn.

In February or early March, Charlie and I will start shopping for a new car! I’m pretty excited about this. I love my Vue, but it’s kind of a ticking time bomb. Well, ticking time bomb is kind of being overdramatic — the Vue could poop out sometime within the next couple of years. While we still have some good time on Anouk (the Vue), we should look at something new, which makes me excited because I like looking at new cars. A compact SUV is still my preference, but we really don’t need one. All I know is that I’m making Charlie keep the new car super clean unlike his Jeep, which is completely dirty and gross. Dirty. Every time I look at the Jeep, I have a strong urge to clean Anouk.

What else is going on in my awesome life? Not much. I hope to find my motivation within the next couple of days or weeks. My sewing projects have been neglected, and my desire to design and create has been growing. Not to mention, the new year is right around the corner. You know what that means? My New Year’s resolution! Something New. That’s the theme for 2013. I’m debating if I should give up my diet pop for the year or month or a week. So many possibilities. Stay tuned.

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