I’ve been thinking about my mom lately, and all the things I’ve learned from her during my amazing 29 years of life (OK, add a few years here and there — just a few). When I was younger, I thought my mom had the most beautiful cursive handwriting. For some reason, I loved watching her sign personal checks. I loved — and still do — her signature. It was beautiful, clean, and legible — everything my dad’s signature was not. With my dad’s signature, KCW is pretty easy to recognize but everything is just scribble after the W. However, I can spot the L as a sloppy loop or a scribble higher than the rest of the so-called letters.

I remember thinking to myself when I was younger, “I want to sign my name just like my mom.” Because of her, I include my middle initial in my signature. Because of her, I love signing documents with my beautiful and clean cursive letters. My only complaint is the super tiny receipt businesses hand out to sign. Um, I can barely fit Jennifer on the dinky little line much less my middle initial and my gigantic last name. I made a very wise decision not to hyphenate my maiden and married names — I think my hand would get tired of writing my name somewhere in the middle of my signature.

Thank you, Mom, for inspiring me to have a pretty signature.

P.S. I miss her so much. Even when she’s in the same room, my heart hurts for her. Did I mention that dementia sucks?

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