I am giving up pop for the entire month of January. The entire month! No more Diet Coke. No more Diet Pepsi. No pop. For my morning caffeine fix, I will turn to coffee. Why am I giving up pop for a month? I think I’m drinking too much of it. At first, I just drank one can a day for my caffeine fix, but lately, I seem to crave some bubbly goodness and drink three to five cans per day. I really don’t need that much pop in one day. This means no ordering pop at restaurants or indulging at parties or bars. Wait! Speaking of bars, does tonic count as pop? Because when I’m at the bars, I always order vodka tonic — hmmmmmm. Well, I guess I could avoid the bars for a month. I guess. Either way, wish me luck!

UPDATE: Per Charlie, he says tonic is not considered soda. Tonic is more like bubbly water. I’m safe to drink all the vodka tonics I want. Woot!

Categories: 2013 Resolution: Something New, Jennifer Elliott

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