Holy poop, I can be a perfectionist. So, Walgreens gave me a coupon for a FREE brag book, and like the moron I am, I deleted the email because I just read “9 cent prints.” I have no idea how I missed “FREE.” The day I decide to read email is the day the offer ends (at midnight). So, what do I do? I spend the whole entire day meticulously putting together a 2012 yearbook-type brag book for my parents. Did I mention this is the first time I’ve put together a digital brag book? I really need to learn to read EVERYTHING before I dive into a project. I see the words I want to read and believe I have the rest figured out.

With my amazing experience as a copy editor, I figured I could whip out the brag book in no time. I was so wrong. 20 pages meant 20 pictures. No problem. I easily picked out 20 pictures from 2012 — my favorite photos that I had easy access to. Lay out 20 pictures, threw in some cute and funny cutlines, and voila! I’m done. Nope. Nope. Nope. The layout feature totally changed my quick and easy plan. Wait a second, I have two to three photos on ONE page? What? How is this even possible? OK, I’m being a little overdramatic now. Plan A quickly went out the window as soon as I saw all of the layout designs. Two photos on one page or seven pictures on another page. Well, this changes EVERYTHING!


I’ve never had a desire to go digital regarding photo books and scrapbooking because I love working with my hands and just moving stuff around on a 12×12 piece of pretty paper.

I love modern technology. Armed with pictures from my Facebook pages (and Krissy and Becky’s), I just needed a fantastic plan. At this point, the perfectionist in me can’t just half-ass this. The brag book should fun and kind of whimsical but yet clean and organized. With the midnight deadline looming, I spent hours on my new laptop finding pictures, laying out pictures, rearranging pictures, thinking of snappy and witty cutlines. Seriously, why couldn’t I complete the stupid brag book in a few hours? Why did I need to spend more than five stinkin’ hours on it? Why?

I sat on the couch in front of the TV while the Packers humiliated the Vikings (the game really didn’t distract me from my work). Long after the game was over, the brag book still wasn’t finished. What the poop? Seriously? At 30 minutes to midnight, I gave up. I was stressed. I yelled a lot. I called myself stupid. Charlie reassured me I wasn’t stupid. I just gave up because the stupid perfectionist in me couldn’t slap some photos on a page and call it a day. I just couldn’t. Goodbye, free offer. I had decided the brag book will be worth the $6.99 plus shipping and handling when I finally completed it.

Um, 99 cents is the next best thing to free! While 40% off a photo book is good, 99 cents is better!

Um, 99 cents is the next best thing to free! While 40% off a photo book is good, 99 cents is better! Sometimes my impatience really gets the better of me.

Do you know what made the project more difficult? The tiny little features I didn’t notice during the one-day rush. With a few clicks, I couldĀ rearrange my pictures to a layout I prefer. I could delete a photo box in an already-formatted layout. Did I mention this was my very first time creating a digital brag book? No stickers. No papercutters. No double-sided tape. Me and the computer. Something new. Anyway, I could import pictures from my Facebook page onto my project. The possibilities were just endless, which is why I needed about 10 hours to complete the stupid thing. But at least I completed it — yay!

Walgreens usually has some sort of photo offer every week, and I was able to snag a 40% off discount for the brag book. I paid $7 for the book and the shipping and handling. Not too bad. I just hope the book is worth it. From the proofs I reviewed, I love it. I’m pretty proud of myself, and I could see myself creating another digital photo book in the near future. Sad to say, but I think my scrapbooking days might be over soon — no more double-sided tape, papercutter, fancy paper, etc. I’ve always loved scrapbooking, but I hated the mess. Dragging out all of my supplies and finding room for everything, and then putting everything away when I got bored or completed a project. Digital photo design isn’t as bad as I thought. Hmmmmmmm.

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