First, I still haven’t had any pop this month, and I’m feeling OK. Sometimes I crave the sweet bubbly drink, but I haven’t given in to temptation. So, yay me!

My first digital photo book (did you read that amazing post?) was a new experience for me. I just hope the second photo book won’t take me 10 hours to complete.

And did you notice the third new experience? No? Look at the URL area — go ahead and look. Do you see it? No? If I did everything correct, my blog address should be! No more wordpress, which totally made the address longer than necessary. Once upon a time, I had a web site for my promising career as a writer, but a year later, I didn’t complete a book to talk about or promote and I chose not to keep the domain name. At the time, I didn’t even have a computer and I had no idea how to design a web page.

Technology has evolved dramatically, and now even dummies like me can blog about absolutely nothing and just post cute animals photos! Woot! When I first started, was pretty easy to use plus it was free, which meant I needed “wordpress” in the domain name. I like free stuff. I still like wordpress, and slightly changing the domain name was a piece of cake and inexpensive! I’m pretty happy.

Categories: 2013 Resolution: Something New, Jennifer Elliott

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