I don’t like being disorganized. I pride myself on being organized and timely. So, when I take on too many projects and take photos for future use, I forget some minor details here and there. In October, I sewed about a dozen cute little drawstring bags with every intention of blogging about them. Did I blog about the drawstring bags? Did I post any photos? Nope, I don’t think so. I took a quick look at my blog over the past few months, and I didn’t see any drawstring bag photos. And do I want to blog about the drawstring bags? Not really because I kind of lost interest. But I can post pictures of my handiwork!

After several attempts, this drawstring bag is a keeper!

After several attempts, this drawstring bag is a keeper — perfect to keep travel items. The bag was made from fabric scraps meant for a quilt.

Sometimes I get so ahead of myself that I lose track of what I wanted to do. My intentions are good, but sometimes time and organization are just not on my side. My ambition to tackle different projects gets me into trouble. My enthusiasm drives me to pick up the essential materials needed for a certain project, and then somehow, my desire to work on the project just disappears. What the poop? I really should stop looking at Pinterest because the site just fuels my creativity and ambition. The ability to dream is not a problem for me. I love to dream. Taking action is the issue. But once I complete a project, I love love love the sense of accomplishment. I feel proud and good.

Three more cute little drawstring bags I made.

Three more cute little drawstring bags I made. My stash of ribbon came handy for the drawstring part of the bag. I’m pretty proud of the end results.

Why is it when you have the time to work on projects, your desire and motivation just disappears? Or is it just me? Maybe I have too many projects that I want to complete. Maybe the number of projects is overwhelming me. Maybe I should just stop being a pansy and buckle down. Maybe I should just focus on one project at a time. Maybe I should stop saying “maybe” and just start doing. Sounds easy enough, but the reality is I’m lazy and look for distractions or a better and easier project. I should work on changing that mentality this year, eh? If I don’t like being scattered and disorganized, I should probably work on that then.

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