Care to guess where I get to sleep Thursday night? At a hospital for a lovely little sleep study since I snore like a bullfrog. I’m not too thrilled at the idea of people watching me when I sleep, but then again, I’ll be asleep with my weird little dreams. I don’t mind sleeping on the futon (even when it’s folded into a couch) in the living room, but I have an issue when I have to share it with two cuddly little cats.


My baby cats, Riley and Clara — I mean, seriously, how can I kick these two precious furballs off the futon?

When my snoring becomes so loud, Charlie needs to close the bedroom door, kicking the cats out of the room in the process. I’ve woken up a couple of times in the middle night to find myself in an “S” shape, with Riley curled in a ball at my feet and Clara sprawled out beside me. The bigger issue is I don’t have the heart to kick them off the couch. I guess my sleep can suffer a bit because I love when my cats need me — even in the middle of the night.

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