“Pitch Perfect.” I. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. Yes, it’s predictable, but the fantastic singing and dancing scenes just blow me away. Not to mention, I love Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick (who made an unfortunate decision to be in all of the “Twilight” movies). After watching the movie the first time around, I’ve been watching the movie over and over and over for the singing scenes. I think the last time I rewatched a movie for the singing segments was when I was in college. My friends and I stood in front of the TV and sang all the cool songs in “Sister Act 2.” Terrible movie, but I loved the songs.

Which kind of makes me wonder why I don’t like “Glee.” I love most of the songs and mashups, but the storylines and dialogue just kill me. So, I have resorted to just downloading the Glee songs I like and listening to them in my free time. However, I loved loved loved the movie “Rent,” (which, yes, I know the movie was based on a Broadway play), and I thought the big screen adaption of “Mamma Mia” and “Hairspray” weren’t too bad. But really, I absolutely love the soundtrack to “Rent” and sang my favorite songs over and over and over. I have such a great love of music — so, why don’t I have even have an ounce of singing or dancing talent?

The video below is probably one of my favorite songs from “Pitch Perfect.” Enjoy!

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