A t-shirt with a tiny little hole in it.

A t-shirt with a tiny little hole — perfect shirt to turn into an infinity scarf. Lately I’ve been wondering if I can pull off the infinity scarf and follow the easy peasy instructions to make one of my own.


Cut the shirt straight underneath the arm line and then stretch out the body of my new scarf. Oh, I also snipped off the hem of the t-shirt before stretching it out.


Do you see that teeny tiny hole that ruined a perfectly good shirt? Do you see it? Despite the hole, I couldn’t being myself to throw the shirt out and tucked it away for a future sewing project.


Beautiful! Well, sort of. I think I need to add some length to it because the scarf is too short to make a double 8 (is that the correct term?) and is too long as a single circle (again, I’m new to the infinity scarf thing and don’t know all the correct terms).

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