Just a quick note … I survived January without ANY pop! Woot! No Diet Coke. No Diet Pepsi. I’m still alive thanks to coffee and caffeinated Crystal Light mix thingys (added to a bottle of water). Now, should I continue this non-pop streak? I don’t have an answer to that question.


What else is new? The color of my new lip gloss (see the picture above). I’ve always gravitated toward red-pinkish lips colors, but one of my co-workers, who is a Mary Kay consultant, thought I could pull off a plum color. She had ordered the lip gloss for herself, but upon arrival and closer inspection, the color was too purple for her and passed it off to me. The color is different for me, but after a gentle blot with a tissue, I can pull off the color. Something new for me.  🙂

Categories: 2013 Resolution: Something New, Jennifer Elliott

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