So, should I be watching “Downton Abbey”? Just asking. Apparently, I’m the only person in the world not watching the show. Well, I have a tiny interest in watching it while Charlie has no desire to watch it. I’m guessing the new season started recently because one of my friends excitedly texted me after the episode. I politely pointed out that I don’t watch the show, and he replied with “oh.” I haven’t talked to him in a few days … hmmmmmmm. My sisters started watching the show and absolutely love it. I have time to watch new shows ever since we dropped our expanded basic cable service.

“Downton Abbey.” “The Walking Dead.” Two big TV shows I guess I should be watching, but I’m not. A friend recommended “True Blood” — Charlie and I couldn’t even get through the first episode. We were so bored and rolled our eyes at pretty much anything that moved on the TV screen. Charlie and I are pretty tough critics to please in the movie and TV department. We have our fair share of guilty pleasure shows and movies, but for the most part, we’re kind of tough to please. Did I mention that we’re boycotting “How I Met Your Mother” this season? No? Well, we are. We just want Ted to find the mother already!

Well, I’m boycotting the show based on redundant plot lines, and Charlie stopped watching the show last season. Per Charlie, the show will just end when Ted finally meets the mom, but I think the writers could probably kick out a few more episodes — maybe a season — once Ted meets her. So much time is available between the time Ted meets the mom and then marries her. Hello, wacky engagement episode. Lily and Robin try to awkwardly bond with the future Mrs. Ted Mosby. The wedding episode. So many possibilities exist once Ted meets the mom — am I the only one who sees this?

DOWNTON ABBEY: First, I want to rewrite the title to Downtown Abby.

DOWNTON ABBEY: First, I want to rewrite the title to Downtown Abby. Is that OK?

So, let’s talk about two shows — one that excited me and one that made me roll my eyes. “The Following.” Hello, Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Charming serial killer escapes jail, and FBI agent (I’m guessing FBI) who caught him is pulled out of retirement. I like the premise of the show, and the two lead actors are awesome! However, my excitement quickly disappeared when I heard one minor storyline. The killer and agent are both attracted to the same woman — the killer’s wife or ex-wife (I’m not sure of the status). Come on! Really? Two men. One woman. A tried and true plotline that can be done correctly or turn into a huge train wreck.

Obviously, the main plotline is the retired agent chasing the bad guy, but does the secondary plotline really need to be about the two guys in love with the same woman? I was really really really excited about the show. I love a good mystery. I love Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. The show has promise, but the secondary plotline just disappoints me tremendously. Are the showrunners hoping to gain “Gossip Girl” or “Dawson’s Creek” fans or women who love a good romantic comedy? Although my excitement has been lowered, I will give “The Following” a chance. I’ll watch the first couple of episodes.

“Deception” (the show that makes my eyes roll whenever I see a preview) is a cross between “Veronica Mars” and “Revenge.” I watched the first couple of episodes of “Revenge” before Charlie caught me and teased me about watching a “guilty pleasure” show. I’m actually OK with not watching the show because watching really beautiful and impeccably dressed actors kind of depresses me. Why can’t I have a wardrobe like them? I don’t look nearly as a beautiful when I’m strolling around in jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers with my long black hair slightly lifted from the gentle breeze. Yup, I never look perfect — and I’m OK with that.

DECEPTION: From the sneak peeks on TV, the show is a cross between "Veronica Mars" and "Revenge."

DECEPTION: From the sneak peeks on TV, the show is a cross between “Veronica Mars” and “Revenge.” My prediction? The show will be cancelled.

However, I wish I had a reason to prance around in super expensive and beautiful dresses every day. I’m pretty sure if I showed up to work in an elegant dress, my co-workers would laugh at me before admiring my outfit and accessories. If high heels didn’t hurt my feet and I knew how to walk in them, I would wear them every day. EVERY DAY! But nope, heels kill me, and this girl goes for comfort not perfection. I suppose I could start a trend by wearing pretty dresses to work and just ignore the supposed mockery. But to start that trend, I would need pretty pretty dresses and my pocketbook says “No, you cannot buy pretty dresses now.”

OK, back to “Deception.” Where do I even begin? The premise: A young detective or police officer or whatever investigates her best friend’s death (ripped from “Veronica Mars” starring Kristen Bell — a far superior show). To solve the mystery, she slips undercover into the high and snotty society where her best friend once belonged. Did the dad kill her? Brother? The chef? The neighbor? The stepmom? A step-sibling? I don’t care. Gritty (I should really put quotes around the word gritty) detective polishes up to blend in to a society of wealth, snobbery, superiority, etc. I’m not fascinated.

Here’s my question — or questions — how long had detective girl and dead girl been best friends? I ask because one of the show’s previews alluded that dead girl’s family doesn’t know detective girl is a detective or whatever. Um, how close were these two women? Didn’t they meet each other’s families at one point during their friendship? So, wouldn’t dead girl’s family know detective girl’s occupation? Why does she have to slip undercover to find her best friend’s murderer? Maybe if I watched the show, my questions would be answered, but I kind of doubt it. The previews pretty much kill my desire to watch the show.

THE FOLLOWING: The show had me at Kevin Bacon.

THE FOLLOWING: The show had me at Kevin Bacon, but then elevated it with James Purefoy. Then the show lost me with one minor storyline.

So, what shows do I like? “30 Rock.” I’m sad the series is over. I’m going to miss Tina Fey — she’s just brilliant and funny. “The Mindy Project” starring Mindy Kaling, an alum from “The Office.” “New Girl” starring Zoey Deschanel. “Go On” starring a still handsome and funny Matthew Perry (Chandler from “Friends”). I can’t think of any hour-long shows I watch anymore. Wait, Charlie just pointed out that “Dr. Who” is an hour long, and the new Sherlock Holmes  series — which renewed my love for Martin Freeman — is more than hour long. Interesting point: both shows hail from BBC.

Oh, wait! “Bunheads” is an hour long! I don’t love it as much as I loved “Gilmore Girls,” but the show still amuses me. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should start watching “Downton Abbey” or “The Walking Dead,” which judging from the large amount of pictures on Pinterest, the show is awesome and coming back soon. I remember the days when CBS captured my attention for three whole hours on Thursday with “The Amazing Race,” “CSI,” and “Without a Trace.” Even before “Without a Trace” was cancelled, I stopped watching all three shows at some point. Now, TV should be so lucky if it snags my attention for more than an hour.

I don’t mind spending less time in front of the TV, but I would appreciate some good shows when I do have the time to sit down and watch something. I’m still bitter with FOX for cancelling ‘The Good Guys” starring Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford. Buuuut, I’m more upset with ABC for cancelling “The B—- in Apt. 23,” a wonderfully crazy and funny show starring Dreama Walker, James Van der Beek (Dawson from “Dawson’s Creek”), and Krysten Ritter. If the network doesn’t air the rest of the filmed episodes, I will seriously throw a hissy fit! I love love love love that show. Why do all the awesome TV shows face an early demise? Sad face.

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  1. Great article!

    I love James Purefoy — saw him in the TV series, ROME. But, I’m not sure what’s happening with his career. He is a good actor and handsome. His last TV series, The Philantropist flopped, and The Following doesn’t sound exciting, but perhaps I will watch the beginning.

    I watched 3 episodes of Deception, and wasn’t impressed. First of all, I don’t give a hoot about a billionaire’s drug addict daughter, who has been bumped off — perhaps by a family member, and the chemistry between the characters on the show is bland, especially the so-called, let’s get it on again relationship between Joanna (cop), and the hot billionaire heir. The two couldn’t produce enough steam for a tea kettle.

    I certainly won’t push aside JR Ewing to watch Deception, which is on at the same time, as Dallas.

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