I’ve read the first four Harry Potter books, but I eventually lost interest due to the large gap of time between the fourth and fifth books. From what I remember, I enjoyed the books and even named four of my goldfish – Harry, Ron, Dobby, and Ron 2 (RIP little goldfish). But between that time, I found new interests and had no desire to continue reading the series once the rest of the books were published. I have no doubt the rest of the books are intriguing, awesome, amazing, and other adjectives. My sisters have the complete collection, I think.


Not to mention, I think the Harry Potter films started to roll out when the fourth or fifth books were published. And I had no desire to watch the films until I had completed the book series. I didn’t want the Harry Potter world I created in my mind to be disrupted with the film version. I had no doubt Hollywood producers would do their very best to recreate the magical world, but for some reason, I wanted to keep mine a little longer.


Well, I finally caved and started watching all of the Harry Potter movies. To clarify, I’ve watched the Riff Trax movie versions of Harry Potter. What’s Riff-Trax, you ask? Remember the MSTK whatever show that aired eons ago? Mystery Science Theater? Does that sound right? I really don’t know because I never sat through an entire B-movie with hilarious commentary. Anyway, the creators of that show now provide hilarious commentary for current films (“Twilight,” “The Wicker Man,” “The Avengers,” etc.).


The creators have provided hilarious commentary for the first six Harry Potter movies, and Charlie is patiently waiting for the Riff-Trax versions of the last two movies. I’m fine with watching the last two movies without the commentary. I think I’m ready to finish reading the book series once I’ve watched the last movie. I’ve really enjoyed watching all the films and seeing the characters grow, the storyline expand, and each movie improve. Really, I’ve loved falling back into the Harry Potter world.


So, thank you, Harry Potter movies for renewing my interest in the books because I know bits and pieces of the books were left out of the films. I want to read the books so I can stay in the world a little bit longer, learn more in-depth storylines and characters, and decide whether Hollywood successfully translated the books to film (unlike “The Hunger Games”). Hmmmm, now I need to know which lovely sister of mine will loan me the last three books.

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