Yup, I’m a loser. Sorry for the lack of posts and the short lame one about my love for Sudoku (which by the way, when I have the volume on my phone, I love the little clicking sounds whenever I tap the numbers – makes me feel smart). In a previous post, I mentioned how crazy busy I’ve been – my life hasn’t slowed down too much since then.

Charlie and I are still shopping for a new car (a hybrid is my top choice). My poor Vue hasn’t been feeling well the past couple of weeks, preventing us from traveling to far far places. Charlie has been applying for summer internships all over the United States (Colorado, Tennessee, New Jersey), leaving our summer plans and other little events up in the air.

I’ve picked up an expensive hobby – painting ceramic pieces – and that means I need to drop one of my other hobbies (either scrapbooking or my Jenny  Jars). I love painting with friends – just painting, gabbing, drinking, laughing. I don’t mind painting by myself – listening to my music and concentrating on what I’m doing. The session is just very therapeutic for me.


Clara and Riley (the cats) have been barfing frequently. When Riley eats too fast – meaning he just inhales his food without chewing – he hacks up the food a few hours later. My Riley has always had this problem as long as I’ve had him and I’ve tried various food dishes to help him slow down. I’m in the process of buying a special food dish that should slow him down.

Clara is a weird little cat (but I looooove her so much). Because her tummy can’t handle the expensive and really-good-for-cats food, she’s fed the more basic cat food. However, sometimes she can’t handle cat treats meant to help dental, digestive, or hairball issues. Argh! I love my kitties but why do they have to make a mess? And can I train them to hack up stuff on the kitchen tile instead of the carpet?

Not that anyone should really care, but I found a way to start sleeping on my tummy with my CPAP mask, which makes me a very happy girl. I start sleeping on my tummy and some time during the night, I end up on my back or side (usually my back). I don’t love the CPAP mask, but I have accepted it in my life. Did I mention Charlie has a CPAP as well? He does now.

So, I think that pretty much wraps up the bits and pieces of my life when I’m not working, which by the way, I still love love love love love my job. I don’t even mind the long hours. Pushing papers, hauling files around, and ordering documents might not sound like fun to a lot of people, but I love it. Other than my cats barfing all over the place, my life is busy but good.

P.S. Plants vs. Zombies 2 (a computer game) is scheduled to be released this summer! Woot! I’m super excited! Life is definitely good.

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