I’m in need of new jeans. Once upon a time, I had an amazing selection of jeans but one by one that collection slowly diminished down to three pairs. Now, one of them is becoming a little too holey for work until I find time to do a little patch work. One of the remaining two pairs is skinny jeans, which I can rock on Fridays at work (because I’m too chicken to wear them any other day at work), and the other is a nice comfy pair. I need more comfy but yet flattering jeans at an affordable price.

Quick side story: for some reason in high school, Krissy needed designer jeans because they “fit” her the best. Of course, her designer jeans cost a fortune – over the $25 range, I believe. Me, I could care less about designer clothes. As long as I felt pretty, I was OK with whatever brand I wore – I didn’t even mind the hand-me-downs Krissy and I got from our older and so much more sophisticated cousins from Missouri. As long as the clothes fit me and I felt pretty, I was good to go.

Anyway, Mom took us shopping one day and I found two pairs of jeans on the clearance rack. The jeans fit perfectly, and I asked Mom if I could have both. She looked at the clearance price and said yes. As soon as Krissy saw jeans in the shopping cart, she threw a hissy fit until Mom pointed out that both of my new jeans cost way less than her one pair of designer jeans. I don’t know why I keep that memory close to me. *sigh* I miss shopping with my mom.

Anyway, back to my original story – I need new jeans. Shopping for that perfect pair of pants or jeans is not the easiest because I’m so short and curvy. The length doesn’t bother me too much because I just plan to alter it anyway. Finding the perfect pair of pants or jeans in my desire price range is difficult. Even though the signs say clearance, the numbers on the tag indicate “Hey, I’m still out of your price range. Ha ha ha. Suck it, Jennifer.” I hate those kind of price tags.

I’m not ashamed to say I’m a bargain shopper. Yes, every now and then, I will splurge on a super cute shirt or something, but for the most part, I’m a bargain shopper. While shopping for jeans at a particular retail store, I noticed the men’s clearance jeans were $8 to $10 while the women’s clearance jeans were $19.99 and more. Why? Seriously, why? I would really like a good reason why men’s clearance jeans are much less expensive than women’s clearance jeans.

So, what did I do? I bought two pairs of men’s clearance jeans. After figuring out which jeans fit me the best and made me feel pretty, I had no issue buying two pairs for less than $20. Once I get my lazy butt in gear, I plan to hem both pairs. But until then, I’ve been just rolling up the cuffs and wearing the new jeans in. So, I’m pretty happy I made a pit stop in the men’s section, looking at stuff for Charlie, and discovered a great clearance deal on men’s jeans.

While I’m on the topic, why do guys seem to get most of the good clothes? With a few alterations here and there, I could turn a nice men’s button down shirt into a cute and pretty button down shirt for me. The operative word: could. If I had ambition and determination, I could dramatically add fun and cute stuff to my wardrobe. Not to mention, my closet is long overdue for a spring cleaning, and I need to ignore the little voice that nags at me: “Don’t throw that away! You might wear that someday.”

I just need to get tough with that inner voice and pull hardly worn for years clothes from my closet. I also hear that nagging little voice whenever I’m rummaging through my hobby boxes. “Oh, don’t toss those scrapbook supplies you haven’t even used in five years! You will use them someday.” Any ideas on how to get tough or get rid of that inner voice? Because sometimes that inner voice has a good point, but it might lead me to star in an episode of “Hoarders.”

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  1. I have that nagging voice. I even have that box of scrapbook supplies! 🙂 And I definitely have a closet bursting with stuff I wear once in a blue moon.

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