My dad and I remember certain events differently, and I think he’s remembering the events wrong most of the time. Usually, my sisters can confirm my memories are correct, but every now and then, they simply don’t remember what I’m talking about. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what people choose or not choose to remember. I can’t even imagine the thoughts running around in my mom’s mind due to dementia. Is everything fuzzy? Do certain people and places look familiar?

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that my memory isn’t the greatest these days. Sometimes, my thoughts are lost in mid-sentence or a simple distraction can completely derail my thoughts. But when I hear a familiar song, I can usually attach a memory to it or remember every single word from a 20-year-old song (but I can’t remember my husband’s Social Security number). And my mind is still a solid database for useless information, such as pop culture references. I’m so weird.

Anyway, back to my dad and I … when my dad was the principal of a small Lutheran school, someone from the school district would call him in the early morning to inform him of a snow day. When the public school was closed, the Lutheran school was closed. The phone usually rang just before my sisters and I had to tumble out of bed and usually roused us from our slumber. So, when the phone rang, we silently cheered for joy, rolled over in our beds, and snuggled deeper under the covers to sleep in before Mom could tell us school was cancelled.

The conflicting memories: I believe the advanced warning call occurred every winter. Dad refutes this, saying he didn’t need the courtesy phone call because he could listen to the radio for the closing information. He stated he received one call and mentioned he didn’t need to be included in the chain of calls. After that, the warning calls stopped. I believe my sisters would take my side on this memory issue, and I’m sure Dad would tell all three of us that we are wrong.

Other miscellaneous things I remember: Vivian Schurfranz (a strong possibility I misspelled the last name) is the author of one of my favorite books (“Cassie”) when I was younger. “Danger Bay” starring Christopher Crabb (major crush on him) and Ocean Hill (she had long pretty hair) was a show my sisters and I watched every week. “The Edison Twins” was a TV show about fraternal twins and their younger brother using science to solve problems.

My dad planted a bed of pretty marigolds outside our home in Missouri. And the house in Kansas had a very annoying buzzer in the sunroom that Dad used too often to let my sisters and I know dinner or lunch was ready. The St. Louis Cardinals lost the World Series in 1985 and 1987. Krissy had a huge crush on Chase Hampton from the New Mickey Mouse Club (I had a crush on Damon Pampolina – is it weird that I remember the last names?). See? I’m a little weird.

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