Candy Crush Saga is the latest game that I’ve been obsessed with on my phone. The game is basically Bejeweled with a delicious candy theme. And did I mention the game is super addictive? The person who decided to limit game play to 30 minutes is a godsend because without that I would spend my entire day glued to my phone. Yup, I’m a sad, sad, sad person. Anyway, whenever you complete a challenge, you receive one, two or three stars based on the final score. The competitor in me wants to see three stars shining on every challenge I complete.

Even on really really really difficult challenges where most people are just happy to successfully finish, I will take the challenge over and over and over and over to achieve the three stars. Yes, I realize I’m a sad and competitive person. Where did I get this lifelong competitive streak? Sports. Board games. I want to win. “Just play to have fun.” Um, no. I have fun winning or at least have a good time trying to win. This is the girl who refused to eat at Taco John’s for a year after its softball team defeated my softball team in the championship game.


Not only do I have a competitive streak, I have an obsession to spend my free time playing computer games. I honestly don’t know how many times I played the adventure level on Plants vs. Zombies. Sadly, I’ve probably logged in more than 40 hours for Torchlight. Now I understand the guys who call in sick to work just to play video games all day or recover from playing all night. My obsession thankfully hasn’t gone to that extreme, but I can feel Charlie’s exasperation and judgment whenever he catches me playing Plants vs. Zombies.

Despite my gaming addiction, minor obsession, and lifelong competitive streak, I feel all of those qualities could be much, much worse. So, really, I should count my blessings that I haven’t lost my job or husband due to very poor decisions. But I’m also warning you that I’ll probably be off the grid for awhile once Plants vs. Zombies 2 comes out this summer! At least I have Candy Crush Saga to keep me busy until the new release! Until I find a way to not bother Facebook friends and pay for playing, I apologize for the requests for more lives and help to level up.

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