I hate you Candy Crush Saga! But I love you so much! Argh! While I applaud the one person’s idea to enforce 30-minute game play, I despise the person who suggested bothering Facebook friends or paying 99 cents in order to advance to the next level or challenge. Game requests on Facebook never really bothered me too much as much as other people I know. “Join me in Farmland!” “Serve your favorite dish in Café World.” The more friends you lure into the game, the better the rewards and benefits you receive.

I already caved and announced to my Facebook world that I was playing Candy Crush Saga. Now, I can’t even remember what benefits I received. Hmmmmmmm. I already hate myself for asking some of my Facebook friends (who also are playing the game, by the way) to help me advance to the next level. My shame is so great that I’m really really really tempted to fork over the 99 cents to advance without balloons and a parade. The best idea would be to quit the game altogether, but unfortunately, I’m not strong enough to do that.

I mean, seriously, what’s a girl to do? Ask friends for help to play a highly addictive game? Pony up the 99 cents to advance? If I’m willing to spend 99 cents now, would I be more willing to spend more money further in the game? The game more than 200 challenges! And the competitor in me needs – NEEDS – to complete all the challenges with three stars (the highest rating). I love the game, but I hate the obstacles. May I just please play the game without asking for help or paying money? Pretty pretty please with sugar on top?

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