I am not alone! Woot! I’m not the only one playing Candy Crush Saga! I’m not that annoying friend constantly asking my Facebook friends to help me advance onto the next level because my friends are asking me for help! “Jennifer has invited you to play Candy Crush Saga!” Nope. I just need my friends to simply hit the “of course, I will help my friends in this game” button. No surveys. No need to sucker or badger poor souls to join the game in order to advance. Nope. The gamemakers made helping incredibly easy with the push of one button.

I feel so much better about myself now. I’m not the only one who wants to fork over 99 cents to advance levels and gain more lives. Once I synced the game with Facebook, I can see where my friends are on the candy board and compare my scores and stars. I am relieved to know that I am not alone. And I say thank you to all my Facebook friends who have generously given me more lives and helped me advance onto the next level. Because of them, I’ve saved 99 cents and the urge to spend money. Thank you, friends, thank you.


Also, Charlie granted me permission to play Plants vs. Zombies or Torchlight 2 as much as I want instead of Candy Crush Saga because Plants and Torchlight 2 don’t ask for more money afte the initial purchase of the game. Unfortunately, I don’t have the willpower to uninstall Candy on my phone. Besides, I’m not a quitter even though Level 65 is driving me crazy. After two days of almost winning, my frustration set in and I turned to the web for advice and possible cheating methods. Yes, cheat! That’s how much I hate Level 65. And I’m not alone! Other players despise that level too!

As I wait for my friends to help me advance, I replay the one- or two-star games to achieve the three stars. At the time I received the one or two stars, I thought, “Yup. That’s good enough for me for now. I don’t need three stars.” I move on to the next game with the intentions of returning to those games anyway. If I have more time to kill after receiving three stars, I then replay the games to land somewhere in the Top 5 among my friends. Yes, I am competitively sad. I know I’m not the best in the game and I’m completely fine with that fact, I just want to be awesome.

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