So, my amazing dad will spend some quality time in the great state of Alaska with the two oldest grandkids – Ethan and Gavin — for about seven to eight weeks. I wish him luck on the long road trip, which starts in a few days. Children have always tested my patience, and I have always been on the fence about having children of my own (and that is a completely different post). I absolutely love spending time with my nieces (who don’t like me between the ages 1 and 3) and nephews (who completely amuse me during every visit).

I hope Ethan and Gavin truly appreciate and experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip with Dad. I would love to spend seven to eight weeks making my way and exploring Alaska, but sadly, I’m an adult with responsibilities. Boo. I’m not saying a trip to Alaska will never happen because it could happen one day. Some day. But until that day arrives, I can appreciate Alaska and other amazing destinations with pictures and stories. Seven to eight weeks on the road should give Dad, Ethan, and Gavin something to talk about when they return. Good luck, Dad, and safe return.

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