WORST AUNT EVER: I’m half joking about being the worst aunt ever. I informed my 6-year-old niece, Tova, that even though I’m the oldest sister, I’m only 29 and Krissy (her mom) is 50.  🙂  Jason (her dad) attempted to explain the glaring mathematical error, but I don’t think Tova quite understood. She knows that I’m 29 and her mom is 50. Jason then mentioned some women stop having birthdays after a certain age — I’m one of those women.

BEST SISTER EVER: Krissy and I disagree over the year Dad moved into a new house in Plainview. Krissy believes the move from Broadway to some other street happened in late 1994. I firmly believe the move occurred in Summer 1995. Who better than to solve this issue? Becky. She’s my favorite sister right now because 1995 is her answer. Even when two sisters agree on the same year, Krissy refuses to cave and truly believes Dad moved in 1994. She’s wrong.

WORST SISTER EVER: Did I mention I’m in Iowa for the week? And Krissy has me walking EVERY DAY! EVERY. DAY! I think she hates me. Day 1: About 2.5 miles — just walked around a couple of blocks. Day 2: Almost 3 miles — hills are involved. Krissy and a friend have a walking route that involves seven hills. Krissy took pity on me and we took on four hills. At the end of the route, I was hot, sweaty, gross, and tired.

WORST AUNTS EVER: Dear Cole: Krissy and I love you so much. Happy belated birthday, kid. You have given us so many memories that have made us laugh and smile. You’re an amazing kid, and we have loved watching you grow into a serious 7-year-old farmer who knows so much more about the country  life than either of us. I’m pretty sure your mom made your birthday special and amazing. Happy birthday, Coley. We love you.


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