Level 347. This is the stupid Candy Crush Saga level that has blocked me for WEEKS! WEEKS! I think the longest I’ve ever spent on a difficult level was about three or four days. All I need to do is pair and flip a sprinkle cookie and wrapped candy twice in 50 moves. Doesn’t sound complicated, right? I don’t have too much trouble creating a sprinkle cookie (five candies in a row or column), but I have some minor difficulty with the wrapped candies (moving candies to form an L or T). And then pairing the two is downright frustrating and aggravating. Argh!

And do you know what stinks? I’m soooooo close to the end. I see the last pink line on the game board, and I think, “I’m so close! I can’t quit now!” But my enthusiasm and determination quickly fade 100 moves later and nowhere close to moving on to the next fun level. When I’m really frustrated, I play certain previous levels, attempting to land in the Top 3 or Top 5 among my friends. Not sure if that’s pathetic or just competitive. Either way, I’m so close to the end but yet it’s so far away as I’m still stranded on Level 347. *sigh*

Categories: Jennifer Elliott

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