• If I don’t know what FTD stands for, then my mom is not suffering from frontotemporal dementia.
  • Playing Candy Crush Saga for hours makes me a better person AND solves all of my problems.
  • My wardrobe needs more cute summer clothes. Truth: I just need to do more than one load of laundry to rediscover all of my cute clothes.


  • DIY projects on Pinterest inspire me and spark my creativity. Truth: the site inspires me to procrastinate starting new projects and leaving other projects unfinished.
  • Once I’m at home after work, I will complete an unfinished project to feel a sense of accomplishment instead of watching reruns of “The Big Bang Theory” or playing Candy Crush Saga.
  • Pure adrenaline and plenty of caffeine will power me through the day whenever I stay up too late during the work week.


  • 40 is just a number. No big deal. I can handle this milestone with grace and dignity.
  • I can lose weight through pure laziness.
  • One day I will wear some of the clothes that have been hanging — untouched — in my closet for the past few months.

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