Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. SIDE NOTE: Wow! This photo is super blurry when I’m not looking at this on my phone.

I picked out some of my favorite photos from CONvergence and promptly transferred my phone pictures to my laptop. Anyway, let’s talk about one of my favorite photos — Dr. Horrible. Um, you’ve NEVER heard of Dr. Horrible? Oh dear friend, you’re missing out on quality entertainment. Neil Patrick Harris is brilliant. And I became a huge fan of Felicia Day. And Nathan Fillion is still amazing. And Joss Whedon is a flippin’ genius. Google Dr. Horrible and you can thank me later.


Zapp Brannigan and Leela from Futurama

Futurama is one of Charlie’s all-time favorite shows, and he introduced me to it when we first started dating. So, I was pretty excited when I recognized these two characters — Zapp Brannigan and Leela — from the show. And I would like to know where Zapp got a stuffed Kif doll. I’m also kicking myself a little for not snapping a picture of Scruffy, the janitor. I think I could pull off a Leela cos (that’s costume for short). And I’d be willing to color my hair purple for the sake of the character.


Dr. Krieger and his holographic girlfriend from Archer

As soon as I recognized Dr. Krieger and his holographic girlfriend across a super large waiting area of the convention, I immediately chased them down and yelled out, “Dr. Krieger!” Yup, I’m a nerd. I seriously squealed with delight when they granted my wish for a photo. If and when Charlie and I attend another con, we will seriously consider dressing as Dr. Kreiger and his holographic girlfriend.

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