I’m a little weird. I love names. I love organization. I love chronological order. Yup, I’m definitely weird. During one free weekend, I decided to work on a few skirts that needed some extra attention. I absolutely love this roomy black skirt that I had found on clearance about a year ago. The skirt – nicknamed Andersen August – was too long for my short little legs and too big for my fat waist (oxymoron?). No big deal because I was pretty sure my beginner and limited sewing skills could somehow remedy the minor flaws.



At one point during the many, many adjustments, I had created a modest slit to make the skirt more flowy and breezy and less “this skirt is too long for my short legs.” After studying one DIY skirt tutorial, I decided to add a high waistband with ties. I don’t remember too much about the process of adding a new waistband and creating cute ties to match. I wore the skirt a few times with the new waistband, but I still felt the skirt was still too big and the waistband and ties were too bunchy and kind of weird.

Instead of throwing the skirt out, I tossed it in my project box, hoping a brilliant idea would strike me. First, I was extremely proud of myself for even completing the new waistband project because I attempted something new and actually completed the project. Because of that, I was really reluctant to admit that I didn’t like the results but I just felt the skirt really didn’t look that good on me. So during my “I have nothing better to do” weekend, I decided to try the easy elastic waistband method that I’ve read on several different blogs and tutorials.



I found 2-inch black elastic at my favorite fabric store along with some other items that were either on sale or clearance (I love a good deal). I wrapped the black elastic around the area I wanted it to rest on me – the tummy area. From all the tutorials I had read, I couldn’t remember what measurements I needed to take to make sure the elastic would fit so I just “chanced” it. Expert sewers are probably mentally screaming at me, “Noooo! Find the tutorial! Take the measurements, you idiot!” Sorry, my laziness kicks into overdrive on the weekends.



I bought two yards of elastic and cut it in half – so I had two one-yard long pieces of elastic. I overlapped the elastic ends by about an inch and sewed it together. Because I’m lazy a rebel, I didn’t even change the thread on my sewing machine since this really was a practice run. Sorry, expert sewers who are probably mentally screaming at me again. Per the directions I remember, I needed to pin the elastic to the top of the skirt. I used the “clock” method, placing a pin in the middle front (6) and a second pin in the middle back (12).



Then I placed pins at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. (right and left of the skirt). After the those four positions were secured, I started pinning in between each 15-minute increment (does this make sense to anyone but me because I feel like I’m babbling and using an unbreakable code). Because the elastic waistband is smaller than the top of the skirt after cutting off the old waistband, I carefully folded the extra fabric in two areas within the 15-minute increment (I guess kind of making a pleat or something). Need I remind you that I’m a beginner sewer.

Once the elastic was pinned to the skirt, I started sewing! Yay! I actually sewed two zig-zag lines – one close to the bottom elastic border and the second just a few centimeters above the first one. Annnnnnd, the skirt fits me perfectly!!! PERFECTLY!!! Cue the fireworks! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The length is perfect. The elastic waistband is perfect. The drape of the skirt is beautiful. I could probably twirl around in the skirt for hours. I am so happy I could successfully pull off the 2-inch elastic waistband method!



The method was easy, and I love the result. I will definitely try this method again on other items I want to refashion. A few months ago, my sisters and I went through our mom’s closet and we each kept the dress she wore to each of our weddings with the idea of refashioning into something for us. Also, earlier this year, I pulled a few items out of my wardrobe that needed some minor adjustments. So, I plan to go through my project box and figure out which items would make a cute skirt with an elastic waistband. Yay!

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