For no good reason, I’m sharing my five favorite episodes of “Community.” I love this show so much, and I will be super sad when the show ends.

NUMBER FIVE: “When did Pierce become cool?”

Pierce and the "Hipsters"


Abed’s movie about Jesus ticked off Shirley. Jeff and Britta disapproved of Pierce hanging out with the school’s “hipsters,” a group of senior citizens who all had hip replacements. I just absolutely love the family comparison to the study group. Jeff and Britta perceived as the parents, and Pierce as the adolescent teen. I love the scene with Jeff casually reading the newspaper, Pierce wandering into the study group room late, and Britta harping on him about his tardiness and new group of friends. Highly comically family portrait – I love it.

NUMBER FOUR: “Man is evil”

Greendale Debate Club


Annie and Jeff join the debate club, and Abed’s short films about the study group seem to predict the future. I love this episode because it caught me by surprise a couple of times. As a huge fan of TV, I’m all too familiar with story arcs, plotlines, and the 11th hour revelation. So, I have to commend any writer who can catch me by surprise. Yes, parts of the episode were a little predictable, but I thought Joel McHale (Jeff) really owned the episode with his character trying to charm the pants off the debate judges and audience.

NUMBER THREE: “Troy made God mad!”

The first paintball episode


Where do I even begin to gush about how much I love this episode? I had to watch the episode a few times to catch all of the references (“Wait, he’s just a pawn.”), jokes (“I’m a gladiator!”), and quick nods to other genres and movies (“Die Hard”). I love the homage to action adventure movies, with Abed using a wall to jump around, Britta sliding between Jeff’s legs to shoot their opponents, and Jeff running and diving out of the study room group. The musical score and the camera shots accompanying the episode are just brilliant. This episode could never bore me.

NUMBER TWO: “Six seasons and a movie!”

The clip show


I have no idea how I missed this episode during the normal schedule. No clue. While I love normal short clip episodes, I thought this short clip episode using unseen adventures was brilliant and freakin’ hilarious (“Yeah! Leave our fabric alone!”). I love the concept the study group has other adventures and issues that viewers don’t see (Abed’s obsession with “The Cape,” glee club capers, etc.). The episode showcases the writers’ brilliance and creativity in creating new and short stories and tying it to the present time.

NUMBER ONE: “Like a codette or something”



Speaking of brilliance … my favorite, favorite, favorite episode of “Community.” The episode brilliantly copies “Law & Order” from beginning to end but yet keeps the “Community” quirkiness and characters intact. I honestly love everything about this episode from the beginning scene with the two maintenance guys discovering the smashed yam to Abed and Troy investigating the case as “cops” to Annie and Jeff acting as “lawyers.” I really admire the writers for their amazing creativity with this episode. Just absolutely brilliant.




I really love Pierce’s little speech about life at the end of the “Ghost” episode. Annie, Abed, and Joel take a pottery class, and Troy, Britta, Shirley, and Pierce enroll in a sailing class. Tony Hale as the pottery instructor cracked me up, and I lost it when Jeff started singing “Unchained Melody.” Once again, the writers became a creative force when writing the videogame episode, where Pierce needs to win a videogame his father created in order to claim his inheritance. I love the videogame presentation, and Annie and Shirley’s murder spree in the first village.

I really have to praise Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley) because she has amazing singing voice that I absolutely love. I honestly believe she should release an album. I would buy it without a single doubt in my mind. I love listening to her sing. My all-time favorite moment shines on Troy (Donald Glover) when he had second thoughts about sharing the awesome handshake with Pierce in exchange for $500. His expressions and actions just killed me in that little moment. Troy also killed me when he looked at an expensive restaurant bill, “What market do they shop at?”

I love this show so much (Season 4 not so much) that I hate NBC for yanking it around so much, shortening its seasons, and firing the creator Dan Harmon. I am grateful Harmon is back for Season 5, and I can’t wait to watch what he and the writing team created for what will most likely be the final 13 episodes of the show. I really wish NBC had more faith in the show and just took a chance an incredibly funny and witty show despite the low ratings. Despite a slight misstep in Season 4, I will always love this show. Always.

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