I had minor success with taking in the sides of a nice but too roomy button down shirt. Because I really had no idea what I was doing, I made the adjustments by hand with good ole needle and thread. The adjusted seams look a little bunchy, but I convinced myself that the bunchiness looks like ruching instead. The minor success propelled me to refashion one of Charlie’s button down shirts because I believe my wardrobe could use more girly button down shirts. A good button down shirt can paired with a jeans and light sweater for a nice and casual night out or I can pair the shirt with a nice skirt for a day at work. So many options.



Anyway, I took one of his work shirts and cut off the long sleeves a little above the elbow area. I rolled up the sleeve, sewed tiny little stitches in the cuff to keep it from unrolling, and added a few buttons to the sleeve. My next step was to take the sides in a teeny teeny bit, and I had debated about shortening the bottom hem (Was the shirt really too long for me? Was hemming a teeny bit worth my time and effort? I still have no answers to those questions). Those next steps will have to wait because I lost the shirt. I have no idea where it is. I’m pretty sure I lost the shirt somewhere between packing it in Iowa and unpacking the suitcase in Wisconsin.



I’m pretty bummed about it because I really liked the shirt and couldn’t wait to add it to my wardrobe. I either need to search harder for the lost shirt or badger Charlie about other shirts he doesn’t wear anymore. Apparently, I have no rights to any of his shirts and sweaters that haven’t been worn for years (or months) and had been found in a pile in the closet. I need his permission to refashion any of his clothing. I completely frown on that notion, but he has threatened to refashion some of my clothes into something ugly. One point, Charlie.

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