My sewing machine has seen so much action over the past few months thanks to all the easy tutorials I found online. And I’ve only broken two sewing needles! Just two! This number makes me excited because I broke about seven needles when refashioning one of those “save the earth” fabric totes stores sell for less than a $1. While I absolutely love love love love love my new tote, the project was difficult and frustrating.

Anyway, I found some amazingly new blogs that have helped me tremendously during my refashion obsession. Jen from Diary of a MadMama and Erin from Sewbon have impeccable taste as they not only blog on the same free blog site as me but BOTH of them chose the SAME blog template as me. Go ahead and click on their links to compare … I can wait. See!?! Don’t Jen and Erin have beautiful blogs? Also, they are way more creative and patient than I am.

My Button

Jen at Diary of a Madmama is ah-mazing! Seriously. She has a serious talent in finding incredibly finds for 49 cents and then refashioning the item into something amazing. I’m still in awe of her tutorial on refashioning a pair of colored baggy pants into awesome skinny jeans. She makes everything look so incredibly easy. Also, search for her tutorial on turning a men’s shirt into a really cute and simple women’s dress.

At first glance, Erin at Sewbon and I seem to share common hobbies – sewing, computers, photography, crafts, skirts, etc. But when I look beyond the common traits, Erin is way more talented than I am, way more patient with her projects, and far more photogenic than I am any day of the week. Her tutorials and pictures help me with my projects and inspire me to work on more pretty things. I greatly admire to talent and eagerness to learn.

A Skirt A Day

While I am on my skirt kick, I have started following Shey on A Skirt A Day. Shey is beautiful and talented, and I love love love love the outfits she showcases on her blog. I love that she’s thrifty and loves refashioning most anything into a skirt. One day, I will have the confidence to pair a floral skirt with a striped shirt … one day. Her look is simple, classic, and just beautiful. At the moment, I have the simple look down, still working on classic and beautiful.

Aaaaaand last but not least, I’ve started telling my refashion tales with Refashion Co-op, a site where other bloggers share their refashions or ask for some ideas and advice. Ever since discovering the site, I review the submissions every day and make mental notes about future projects. This site and the other bloggers have helped me tremendously with my refashion projects and have really inspired to keep pushing forward with my trusty sewing machine.

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