Have you noticed something different about my blog? If your answer is no, I’m not offended. Seriously, I’m not. If your answer is yes, I should apologize for the minor and major differences. The small differences: adding and deleting links, adding buttons and other little things I don’t know the exact terminology. The big difference: more pictures and project descriptions and less hilarious and witty personal stories about my life or me in sitcomish situations (which really never happens).

I do apologize for the sudden onslaught of posts about my craft projects and DIY skirt collection, but I’m so stinkin’ proud of myself for not only learning something new but having the patience and determination to FINISH the projects. I love starting projects, books, chores, etc., but finishing something is a completely different story (remember when this blog was about my life as a writer?). I’m honestly surprised I’m still on my sewing kick, which started sometime in August. So very long ago …

But I love what I’m doing now. I love creating and photographing the end results. I love taking something small and turning it into something big. My various projects keep my mind occupied with mostly happy thoughts and my hands busy and and scratched (thanks, sewing pins and sharp scissors!). And I’m really enjoying learning more and more about the world of refashioning and meeting so many other people who love the same things I do (crafts, sewing, books, etc.).

Also, my projects also prevent me from getting into trouble.  🙂  So, really, I don’t have too much to share about my personal life. The biggest personal change for me is my job at a local bank will be eliminated in the beginning of January. I’m sad because I unexpectedly fell in love with a job where I had absolutely no experience but I succeeded anyway. Most people would absolutely hate dealing with computers and papers eight hours a day, but I absolutely loved it.

Even though I had no previous experience, the position was truly a great fit for me. I understand the bank’s decision to eliminate about 35 jobs and offer relocated positions to about 100 others, but my understanding doesn’t make the situation any less depressing and sad. While I haven’t been at the bank for long (a little more than a year), I truly feel sad for the people who have been there for more than 10 or 15 years. For the people who just welcomed a new addition to their family.

Anyway, I’ll talk more about the job elimination in another post because I have a bone to pick about the way the bank delivered the devastating news. And I’ll share Plan B that Charlie and I sort of had in place for a few months (actually, years). I also promise to weave in more personal stories (some amusing — some boring) among all the project posts and pictures. Because sometimes I find myself missing not sharing or posting personal stories or situations. So stay tuned.

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