Do you know what kind of sucks? Going to work and knowing you won’t have the job in January. Not to mention, my patience and tolerance for really dumb and insensitive people are running terribly low. I’m not Miss Hello Sunshine, but I am polite and appropriately conversational (about 60% of the time) at work. I would even say I’m a delight to work with, but hey, that’s just me talking.

Regarding the company decision to relocate and eliminate some jobs, I understand the decision. I don’t like it or fully agree with it, but I understand it. However, I really really really really really hated the way management shared the devastating news. Employees affected by the decision met in a large meeting room — no problem so far. Before the meeting started, I was playing Candy Crush on my phone and listening to the overhead music.

The very first move the management team should have done — instead of nervously standing around and whispering to each other — was TURN OFF THE OVERHEAD MUSIC! Seriously, people. I really didn’t want Justin Bieber crooning in my ear while some management guy timidly squeaked out news of relocating and eliminating jobs. I couldn’t have been the only one to hear Hunter Hayes in the background.

The guy who delivered the news was a complete pansy. Seriously. I’m not saying this because I’m bitter and angry (honestly). Confidence or cockiness are really never needed in serious situations, but authority and leadership are definitely needed. He really lacked authority when delivering the business decision, especially when he spoke softer or trailed off at the end of sentences.

More than once, a woman sitting next to me asked me, “What did he say?” I had no idea because I had Imagine Dragons singing about radioactive stuff in my other ear. Don’t be confident. Be authoritative. Don’t be timid and shy. Speak up and lead. Of course, no one will leave the room happy or be ecstatic about any management members, but you still need to be a leader.

If you applied for a leadership position solely based on money, then you have no right to be in that position or command anyone’s respect. Don’t be a coward. Be a leader. Again, I know the end decision wasn’t easy and telling more than 100 people about it was harder, but you still have a responsibility to be a leader. Don’t pretend to be one of us (your job is safe — for now).

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