After almost 10 years in Packers Country (Wisconsin), my husband and I are moving south … to Iowa. Wait a second … 10 years? Really? No, that can’t be right … Anyway, with my position being eliminated in the beginning of January and Charlie graduating in a few weeks, he accepted a position in Iowa. Although the state filled with corn fields is not exotic, tropical, or destination hot spot, it’s a good starting point for me and Charlie and a good change of scenery.

But now I have a great valid reason to power clean our place! Over the years, I’ve always found a lame excuse to not thoroughly clean our apartment more often. Although Charlie will begin his job in January, I will stay behind to pack and clean without added pressure or stress. Luckily, Charlie can stay with my dad, who moved to Iowa in September, in the beginning of the year if we haven’t found the perfect place.

I’m sad about leaving behind my friends and the city I’ve grown to love and adore (despite the majority being Green Bay Packer fans), but I look forward to the change and new city. I just hope Iowa can handle me being a Minnesota Vikings fan and a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

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