I must’ve been a tween when I received my first and only quillow when they were uber popular. What’s a quillow, you ask? Part quilt and part pillow, of course! When the quilt isn’t folded and tucked into the built-in pillow pocket, it’s a lovely blanket. I sadly had to toss my quillow when one of my cats had some behavior issues and targeted my beautiful blue quillow.

SHELBY’S QUILLOW: Originally, I thought this cute little quillow would be for Tova, but when I was shopping for more fabric, I spotted other fabulous fleece meant to make young girls squeal, “I love it, Aunt Jenny! You’re the best aunt ever!”


I just absolutely fell in love with the different colored butterflies fleece. As much as I would love to keep the fleece for myself, I knew my niece, Tova, would absolutely love the fleece. To complete the fleece backing, Tova chose a yellow fleece and simple circles on blue fleece.


For the pocket, Tova chose red fleece to pair with the blue fleece with the circles. Good news: Tova absolutely loves her quillow. She heavily hinted she wanted to bring her quillow home when the movie “The Sound of Music” was done.

For good measure, Tova ran downstairs during commercial breaks to make sure I was diligently working on her quillow. I admit I played a few games of Candy Crush during the movie and looked super busy during the commercials.

For good measure, Tova checked on my progress during commercial breaks (TV was upstairs and me and the sewing machine were downstairs). I admit I played a few games of Candy Crush during the movie and returned to sewing during the commercials.

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