QUILLOWS FOR THREE SISTERS: I didn’t intend to stock up on flannel fabric during a trip to find new material to make quillows for me and my two sisters, Krissy and Becky, but the store offered a FANTASTIC (notice the all caps) on flannel fabric. Less than $3 for one yard of super warm and soft fabric? A million times yes!


I was pretty happy to browse the flannel section for fabric that sparked a memory or something for me and my sisters. Neckties remind us of Dad wearing a tie to school every day. License plates represent our love for traveling and desire to visit all 50 states. Turtles remind me of Becky’s three-legged turtle, Stumpy.


My favorite piece of fabric? The fabric with three little girls who represent me and my sisters perfectly. The little girl with the red hair is Becky. The girl with yellow is Krissy. And the girl with black hair and slanted eyes is me. How perfect is this fabric? I absolutely love it. And I love making quillows for my sisters, who I guess never had one when we were younger.

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