Where the poop did the month of January go? In December, I thought I had all the time in the world to move from Wisconsin to Iowa. I thought moving would be a piece of cake because I developed a “ruthless” attitude toward some of the stuff Charlie and I had collected over the past five years. And once I discovered my collection of “Friends” DVDs, my procrastination kicked in pretty strongly.

The first three weekends in January had me hauling boxes to Iowa and unpacking a box or two before driving back to Wisconsin. This girl drove a small uHaul truck across town for about 15 minutes. I was prepared to drive the truck to Iowa, but Charlie’s dad generously offered to drive it (and I enthusiastically accepted). While the three-hour drive between states isn’t bad, time on the road makes for a long weekend.

“Hmmmmm. I’m pretty sure I can easily pack the kitchen, the sunroom, and my hobby room tomorrow so I have time to watch season 2 of Friends. Besides, I deserve to take a break from all this hard work.”

My decision about donating clothes that didn’t fit or didn’t wear was quickly overruled by the other side of my mind screaming, “Look at all this potential fabric! You can’t throw all of this away!” Or “Once you have your new place set up, you’ll have time to make your T-shirt quilt or quillow!” Or “Just think of all the scarves and skirt you could make!” So, my “save all fabric stuff” conscious pretty much had the last word on the matter.

I have one final trip to make before I’m in Iowa permanently. But before I make that final trip to load the boxes and picture frames and clean the apartment in two days (absolutely no pressure or stress), I accepted a temporary position as a single mother so my sister and her husband could gallivant in Puerto Rico. For a few days, I have the great joy of watching and semi-parenting my two nephews and niece.

My sister repeatedly mentioned the job shouldn’t be too hard as all three kids are pretty reliant and self sufficient. The only difficult task I see is hauling my lazy tushy out of bed to semi-oversee or monitor the kids getting ready for school. I don’t even have to transport the kids to school either! One kid will take the bus. Friends of my sister will pick up and drop off the other two rugrats. Easy peasy, right?

Facebook status (1.15.2014): “While watching the breakup episode, Rachel referenced breaking up with Ross TWICE before she asked the question — So can I be your girlfriend again? Therefore, Ross was definitely right (about them being on a break).”

With all the packing, driving, and watching “Friends” marathons, I haven’t had too much time or Internet connection to blog that much. I spent about two weeks without TV or Internet connection, which left me playing “Torchlight II” in offline mode and watching seasons 1-4 of “Friends.” Also, I’ve been pretty much living and running around in a pair of sweatpants and T-shirts.

For the life of me, I can’t seem to locate any of my jeans! I know some jeans are dirty and are probably stashed in a laundry basket somewhere, but I just can’t find any clean jeans! What the pooh? Speaking of clean clothes, guess what I just bought?!? A brand spanking new washer and dryer! Woooot! No more laundromats! I am sooooo excited to do laundry in my own home! Yay!

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