21. Run 300 miles on a treadmill. Let me clarify, I will run a TOTAL of 300 miles on a treadmill. Is 300 miles too little for a 14-month period? Should I up the mileage to 500? Hmmmmm.



My big fear regarding this task is my super power of procrastination. I can completely envision myself hitting the treadmill for about a month and then avoiding it like the plague until a month — or maybe a week — before my deadline. If I logged about 50 miles in the first month, I would need to average about 8 miles a day in the last month. Or 18 miles a day during a two-week period.

I will try my best to avoid running 18 miles a day because that’s just absolutely crazy and completely unreasonable for me to run that much in one day. Unless I’m being chased and hunted by a serial killer. Unless a million dollar reward is waiting for me at the end of the run. Anyway, I’m keeping my eye on the start line because a good start would be essential.  😉

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