So, Charlie and I have been in Iowa for almost six months now, and two important items have yet to be found among some unpacked boxes. Some days I wonder whether Charlie and I are organized hoarders because we have so much stuff that we “need” or “will use” in the near future. I have an unopened brand new box of Christmas cookie cutters hanging around my workplace for almost three years. Every time I think about donating the cookie cutters, I remember I’m saving them for a cute craft project I found on Pinterest. At this point in time, I should just donate the cookie cutters because I have so many projects — and books — that need my attention.

Anyway, during the great big move, I think I lost two items — the trimmer for the cats and my stash of craft ribbon. I am going crazy because I cannot find either item that I know I packed! I would have no reason to throw out the cat trimmer because we give our long-hair furballs a haircut every year. I found the attachment and different razors for the trimmer, but where the poop is the stupid cat trimmer? Charlie and I ripped our place apart looking for the thing for days before admitting defeat and ordering a new trimmer. What bothers me is I KNOW I packed the dumb thing — so where is it? Of course, I expected to find it soon after ordering a new trimmer but the old one is still lost.

Lately, I have amazed myself with the high number of refashions I’ve completed without a sewing machine. I want to put the finishing touches on a few items, but I can’t find my stash of craft ribbons! I hate the idea of buying new ribbon when I know I have plenty in my undiscovered stash. Again, I would have no reason to throw out my stash, but why can’t I find it among all my craft projects and boxes? Ugh! Maybe I am a hoarder. But I have been working really hard to decrease the amount of stuff in the house, including all of my various projects. I know I’m not the neatest person in the world, but I really dislike clutter and disorganization.

Even when things aren’t within my sight, at least I have an idea or know where the things are. So when Charlie asks where he can find more hand sanitizer or shampoo, I automatically reply, “Have you looked in the linen closet?” Or imagine him yelling: “Jenn, didn’t we just buy more dishwasher soap? And pot scrubbers?” And of course, I would be in a different room, shouting: “Look under the kitchen sink.” I am just so bothered I cannot find the old cat trimmer and my stash of craft ribbon because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen or used some ribbon over the past six months. *sigh* Well, if you have any ideas or thoughts, please let me know before I start a new ribbon collection.

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