I know I’m not the only person who has oversize T-shirts folded in a drawer or kept in the closet. I love this dark grey Angry Birds T-shirt because it’s pretty lightweight and can be worn with any of my shorts. However, the tee is a size or two too big — comfortable — but too big.


I haven’t found a fantastic (read: super easy) tutorial refashioning an oversize tee into a kind of sort of form fitting tee. Well, I should clarify the last sentence because I have read a few tutorials but haven’t had a chance to test them. I’m still without a sewing machine. A little sad, but I’ve managing quite well.


Anyway, this refashion was easy and quick — my two favorite adjectives! Because I wear the T-shirt for comfort first and appearance second, the alterations aren’t super pretty. I cut off the hem of the sleeves to my desired length and simply snipped off the bottom hem to match the cut look of the sleeves.


Instead of fumbling my way through a tutorial on how to braid the side of a T-shirt, please click here for the wonderful tutorial. Even though the process is simple, I’m still in the learning and experimenting stage — not quite qualified to provide clear and concise instructions.


I didn’t even need my handy dandy needle and thread to reinforce the two ends. I simply knotted the two ends on each side. The new braids pulled in some of the excess fabric and shortened the long length of the T-shirt. The braids give the shirt a “cinched” look, and I love the process was simple and quick.

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