Whenever I start packing for a trip, I stand in front of my closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!” Or my choices are limited, and I become frustrated my huge wardrobe holds nothing for me. But when I started thinking about the Las Vegas trip, I had no problem pulling outfit after outfit out of my closet. Thanks to my yearlong project on refashioning skirts, I had plenty of options to keep me cool against the Las Vegas heat.


Sweet treats at Jean Philippe Chocolates and Pastries in the Bellagio.

Keeping cool and comfortable was my main goal once I discovered the predicted super hot temperatures in Las Vegas, and that was one of my wardrobe mistakes. Sort of. My clothes were comfortable and casual NOT business casual or even summer flirty. Next time I head to Las Vegas, I’ll pack more cute dresses and skirts to prance around in all the casinos AND I’ll keep in mind to go when the temperatures are a little cooler.

The view from the 53rd floor in the Vdara Hotel and Spa.

The view from the 53rd floor in the Vdara Hotel and Spa.

Anyway, despite the heat, Charlie and I had a fabulous time celebrating our fifth anniversary. We had no desire to walk up and down the famous Strip during the brutal hot days so we stayed close to our hotel, Vdara Hotel and Spa, and surrounding hotels, Aria, Bellagio, and Caesars Palace. Plus, I spent a little time and money at the casino in the Bellagio, especially after finding a slot machine I really liked — the word “dragon” caught my attention.


Part of the Las Vegas strip during the super hot day.

Other than kicking back and relaxing, I just wanted to indulge in good food and ended up taking a ton of food pictures. We hit two buffets, one restaurant, and two cafes and absolutely fell in  love with the casual cafe in the Vdara lobby. I loved the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace and indulged in some sweets at a VERY popular bakery, Jean Philippe Chocolates and Pastries, in the Bellagio. Did I mention the bakery had a waterfall of chocolate?


Our two big splurges during the trip were booking massages at the Vdara and seeing “The Book of Mormon” at the Smith Center. I can never say no to a massage — having able hands work out all the tension and knots in my back and shoulder area. And Charlie and I were super excited when we discovered the second national cast of “The Book of Mormon” were in the area! The musical was amazing, hilarious, and thoughtful. I absolutely loved it.

I’ve always loved Las Vegas, and I kind of miss it (not the weather). I just need to remember to avoid the city during the summer.  🙂

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