I think I wore this shirt once or twice during my thinner days when the stretchy material flattered my figure. Instead of using the material for other projects, I decided to make the shirt slightly bigger using material from another shirt. The refashion was simple: open the two side seams and add material from second shirt.


The waffled material prevents the stretchy material from clinging to my bad curves, but I fear the new side stripes make the shirt look like a maternity shirt. Which by the way, I have no issue with buying or wearing maternity shirts if they make me feel pretty and give me confidence. No one will know it’s a maternity shirt unless I tell them.


Anyway, with a little fiddling here and there to make it look less like a maternity shirt, I love the new shirt refashion. The process was simple and not too time consuming. I’m happy I can return the shirt to my closet! Yay!


Categories: Jennifer Elliott

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