I’m four months into my 40 Before 40 goals, and I thought I would check my progress. I’ve completed 11 out of 40 goals, which isn’t that bad, right? Plus, I have three goals ending on my big fat birthday next April. I’m still somewhat confident I can complete all the goals before I turn 40.


I was really hoping to cross the Amana Colonies off my list, but the weekend I wanted to go, I was just too tired (stayed up way too late the night before). I’m kind of bummed about the missed opportunity, but I’m confident Charlie and I will find our way there one of these days.


I have a few food goals — make watermelon popsicles and sesame chicken — that should be easy to complete. I’m kind of worried about the castle goal because right off hand I’m unaware of any nearby castles. So that might be a challenging goal to check off.


I really need to move my tushy on the dumb treadmill goal — why in the world did I even make that a goal? *sigh* I’m such a dummy sometimes. I’ve really enjoyed the daily photo goal, but I will admit I have forgotten to take a picture once or twice. Oops. I’m pretty proud of some of the pictures I’ve snapped.


I’m not working too hard on my big year, but I have been taking photos here and there. Apparently, birds know when I’m creeping closer to get a good shot and fly away when they think I’m too close. I have a zoom on my camera phone, but it’s not the best when snapping clear bird pictures.


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