I live in a world of electronics, which is kind of unavoidable since I married an electronics genius. I don’t need a tablet or pad or any other handheld device because my laptop and phone keep me connected enough to the world. I have Facebook (jennifer elliott), my awesome blog, various financial accounts, Pinterest, more apps than I want, and many other sites to check during my day. How many usernames and passwords can a person have and remember?


I want to be connected, but do I really need to be connected to everyone? I have no desire to tweet about my boring day in 140 characters or less. I post plenty of pictures on Facebook and my blog, which is why I don’t have an Instagram account. I’ve heard of Reddit and Vine, but don’t need to know more for the time being. I have no desire to know about more popular social media sites that the younger kids are using these days.


Honestly, my blog and Facebook are enough for me because I don’t need to be connected all the time. Really, I don’t want to be connected every single minute. And as I rant about all this, I have volunteered to oversee the Instagram account for the Refashion Co-op community. Not to mention, I’m now an editor for Refashion Co-op, which means I oversee the site once a week and work with several other editors to maintain the blog.


I’m pretty excited to be more involved with the Refashion Co-op because I’ve learned — and been so inspired — so much about refashioning. The photos I’ve added to this post are some of the pictures I created for the Instagram account. I knew my days as a newspaper copy editor would come in handy.  😉  As much as I don’t like being connected to another social media, I’ve enjoyed creating cute snapshots for the site.


My creativity is sparkling with happiness, and I’m happy to be part of — and support — an online community that has so many good intentions. So, when you have a chance, wander over to the Refashion Co-op and take a look around at all the creative geniuses. I’m really glad I found the site a little over a year ago.  🙂

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