I finally did it! I summoned my courage and bought a bleach pen to use as craft instrument. Ever since looking at other crafters’ designs and bleach projects, I knew I wanted to try it. Remember my pink cardigan refashion? I thought it needed a little something, but I wasn’t sure what was needed. I decided I could draw a very simple flower with a bleach pen on one side — sounds easy, right?


Well, the simple flower design was too ambitious for my first round with the bleach pen. Using the fine tip end, my bleach lines were bubbly and thick — what the pooh? Was I squeezing too hard? Was I squeezing too fast? I did the best I could to correct the messiness, but in my personal opinion, the simple flower design looked like crap. Oh well. What can I do at this point? So, I let the bleach dry for about 30 minutes — I lost track of time.


I carefully rinsed the bleach off the shirt and threw the shirt into the washer, hoping I had a magical washing machine that could transform my crap flower into something beautiful. *sigh* My washer isn’t magical, but when I tried the cardigan on and looked at the flower design I thought, “This doesn’t look too bad.” I still find the flower hideous but the design doesn’t look that bad when I’m wearing the cardigan.


Unfortunately, when I was washing off the bleach I wasn’t careful enough because some splattered on the lower left on the back. Hmmmmmm. Before I remedied that issue, I decided to draw another “simple” flower to add a little more design. And wow! My drawing skills are terrible! Simply terrible. Although the second flower looks a little nicer, it’s still not beautiful. I’m really glad didn’t purse my childhood dream of becoming an artist.

And of course, Charlie being the voice of reason that he is gently reminded me to do a test run on something not important. Here’s my reason, “How in the world can I screw up drawing lines and dots with a bleach pen?” Technically, I didn’t screw up — the lines and dots didn’t make me incredibly happy and weren’t the prettiest. Even with the bad art, I’ll wear the pink cardigan out a few times.

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  1. OK, I know you can draw better than that! 🙂 Maybe because you were working with a bleach pen, which is different from pens and pencils. And maybe you were nervous about using and drawing with bleach. Don’t worry — practice makes perfect.

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