Determined to score a victory, I took an old pair of black cotton shorts and decided to draw a cat face on the side. During round 2, I was more careful and articulate with the bleach pen (still used the fine tip end) to draw a small cat face. I let the bleach dry for about 20 minutes before carefully rinsing it off and throwing it into the dryer.


Woot! I love the simple design, and I think it turned out wonderful! With a win in my corner, I added a second cat face on the other side of my sweats. I took a second pair of black sweats and carefully wrote “love” on one side. Again, I let the bleach set in for about 15 to 20 minutes before carefully rinsing it off.


And why in the world did I have an easier time writing the word “love” than drawing a stupid simple flower? Where’s the logic? Next time I attempt to draw a flower, I’ll definitely complete a test run and maybe use a pencil for guidance. I’m a little bitter about being defeated by a simple flower design.


Once I washed and dried the sweats and wore them a few times, I decided to touch up “love” and add a few hearts. I’m really happy the hearts add a little zing to the simple artwork. I briefly thought about writing “love” and adding hearts on the other side but decided against it, thinking “less is more.”


I’m pretty happy with the results with Round 2 with the bleach pen. As soon as I find another suitable shirt for bleaching, I plan to use a cookie cutter as part of the design. What I like so far is I paid $.249 for the bleach pen and I’ve been able to complete three projects. I can’t wait to use the bleach pen again!

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