Lesson learned: DO NOT use a bleach pen on a light grey T-shirt because it won’t bleach. I tried 20 minutes during the first try and about an hour the second try — nothing. I’m pretty disappointed because my bleach work was beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! I was so proud of my handiwork, but unfortunately, no one could see it.


PLAN B. Create a Hello Sweetie (a sexy wink to Dr Who) shirt on a blank black shirt. My handiwork wasn’t nearly as beautiful as the first attempt, but I was satisfied with the result. The next step was to make the shirt a little more fitted, which mean making the sleeves a little shorter and smaller.


I have read a ton of tutorials on how to alter an oversize T-shirt to a more fitted shirt, but I lose focus or become lost after step 5 or step 7. Some tutorials just seem too complicated for me. I need something simple, clear, and concise. Thanks to Cucicucicoo, her tutorial was fabulous and easy to understand!



I have four (actually, three now) men’s oversize tees I had found on clearance that are perfect for refashioning! I plan to spruce up the blank tees with a pretty design or cute statement and then transform the huge sleeves into smaller sleeves for me! These tees will provide plenty of practice for me.


Charlie generously donated a ton of his old polos to my refashion pile, and I can’t wait to turn them into super cute shirts for me! The biggest issues will be the shoulder seam drooping on my delicate shoulders and the huge sleeves that look ridiculous on me. But practice makes perfect, right?

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