Not able to use my bleach pen, I turned to the second best instrument — my Sharpie marker. With a trip to a craft store and a little bit of money, I could have used a number of other methods but my Sharpie was available and didn’t require a trip or money. For about an hour, I carefully scribbled Carpe Diem on one of my light grey T-shirts.


After coloring in the two words with my Sharpie, I then altered the oversize men’s T-shirt to a more fitted shirt for me! Although I prefer more fitted shirts, I still like a little extra room. Anyway, I snipped off the sleeves and reattached them, making them shorter and less baggy, and then slimmed the body of the shirt just a bit.


And now I have another super cute T-shirt to add to my closet! Yay! Plus, I love the message — Carpe Diem, reminding me to live or take chances. And of course, it reminds me of the late Robin Williams and one of his best movies, Dead Poets Society. When I have a little more time, I’ll touch up the words a bit. Two shirts down — two more to go.

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