If I could wear khaki shorts to work, I would. In search of more khaki pants or skirts, I found a pair of shorts for $8. The length was a little long as shorts but would be perfect as a work skirt. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve refashioned a pair of shorts into a skirt, and the process was pretty simple.


I simply cut up the inside seams, smoothed out the fabric, and sewed new seams to create a skirt! Although the process was simple and took me about an hour to complete, I have a few issues with making the old seams and new seams look natural. But I think the skirt looks OK — good enough for work anyway.


I wore the skirt to work a few times already, and I received a few compliments. One of my co-workers wanted to know where I bought the skirt because she has been looking high and low for a cute simple khaki skirt. She seemed impressed when I told her I refashioned it from a pair of shorts I found on clearance.


And then a guest was completely impressed with my talent when I told her about my refashioned skirt. She had bought a ton of v-neck shirts on clearance but wasn’t completely sold on a few of the pastel colors. However, the clearance prices were too good to pass, and I then suggested she could do a simple refashion.


Hello, color block! I would take two shirts (imagine a dark yellow and a light a grey), place one on top of the other, and make a simple cut at desired area. Then simply sew the bottom grey piece to the dark yellow top part. Well, that’s what I would do because I’m not sure I could pull off yellow.

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