With more and more refashions under my belt and me being part of the Refashion Co-op community, my lovely little blog has been adding followers (thank you!) and gaining attention from other bloggers (thank you!). Today, I’m sharing a link to Paris Ciel blog — more specifically to its post about refashioning wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and prom dresses. Just click on the photo below for the link.


These women are just phenomenally creative and talented. I’m honestly so incredibly inspired. I just want to quit my part-time 40-hour a week job and immediately buy a sewing machine so I can stay at home all day sewing and refashioning. And when I need a break from sewing, then I can turn to my writing! I love this plan already! I want to create pretty pretty dresses and write more books. So, how do I make this plan a reality?

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  1. I agree with Annie — if you had a sewing machine and some time, you could turn some ugly dresses into beautiful ones. Miss you! And I miss my Annie too.

  2. I know if you had time and a sewing machine, you could refashion a beautiful dress. You’re incredibly creative — you just need some key tools. Love you!

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